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10-Nov-2017 23:12

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Though some were skeptical when it was originally announced, Diablo 3 on consoles is the same experience PC fans enjoyed, modified to enjoy strong gamepad support, and tweaked just enough to make the difference between the two meaningful.Classes in Diablo 3 progress in a very modern way, both by gifting all of the games’ skills to the player by level 30 (instead of throwing them at a wall of abilities to choose from over the course of 99 levels), and by making six skills available at a time (instead of two).Though Blizzard made great strides to assure that the mechanics fit more in line with 2014’s standards, it did so without sacrificing Diablo’s essence.The gameplay--that’s the “clicking on stuff until it dies, then leveling” part--is simplistic and satisfying.Those who want to play alone can do so with no pressure to join with others, but it’s just as easy to make sure you’re always running around with two or three party members.Since the game scales amazingly well to the number of players in a game, it means that online multiplayer will always provide an adequately awesome challenge for everyone involved, especially on the harder difficulties.In many ways, Diablo 3 approaches the genre in the same way--it’s essentially a good Diablo clone.But thanks to the 2.0.1 update (which released in late February, 2014), it has finally become the game many had been hoping it would be from the start.

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Every item we picked up from enemies we’d slain was insufficient to the one we nicked off the AH for ten minutes worth of gold.

Despite sporting insultingly bad dialogue and a forgettable plot, the act of beating on bad guys with the mouse pointer and watching them ragdoll around is the ultimate power fantasy.

Playing through the game’s four acts fulfills primal urges, and taps into the same pleasure center that other loot-fest games have in the past.

Each of the five classes give yous different ways to click bad guys to death, allowing players to bash in heads as the Monk, blast foes with elemental spells as the Wizard, shake snakes at enemies as the Witch Doctor, cleave through waves with the Barbarian, and fire barrages of arrows as the Demon Hunter. It's more impressive than you'd think--many of the amazing changes that eventually came to Diablo 3 via patches began their lives in the console version, including the upgrades to loot that totally fixed the itemization problems.

Each has a varied moveset that makes it feel different from the other classes available. Better yet, the console versions include local co-op, making the hack-and-slash gameplay all the more personal.

Every skill is improved with these runes, and it’s possible to create imaginative and unique builds, letting players tune every spell to their liking.

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